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Cebarco milestone..

Cebarco milestone..

 Bahraini construction firm Cebarco has completed the Yas-Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi before its scheduled handover deadline. The Yas-Marina Circuit will this year host the last race of the 2009 Formula One season on November 1.

It has a capacity of approximately 60,000 people.

Completion of the project marks yet another significant milestone in the company's already illustrious and meteoric development, Cebarco chairman Khalid Abdulrahim said.

"We were awarded this project based on our merits which included other landmark achievements such as the Bahrain International Circuit and the City Centre Mall in Bahrain, all of which had very tight deadlines and technical hurdles that posed challenges that could not be resolved by international construction companies," he said.

"The Yas Marina Circuit is quite possibly one of the most unique projects that Cebarco has undertaken, in that it continuously evolved during its entire construction cycle, and incorporates technological innovations that are yet to be seen anywhere in the world," Mr Abdulrahim added.

The project evolved during construction and Cebarco had to constantly provide technical solutions, while doing its best to stay ahead of a tightening programme.

"Whilst the BIC was difficult, constructed in a mere 483 days and still holds the title of the world's fastest "rock to race", the Yas Circuit was challenging for other reasons, " he said.

"Originally designed by Harman Tilke as a combination of permanent and street circuit the design changed mid construction to a full permanent circuit complete with additional facilities.

"This change not only increased our workload but made us have to re-plan the entire project and with a fixed race calendar all still had to be complete on time," he added.

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