Cebarco Bahrain, part of the KAR Group, Beach Cleaning Day

23 May 2023

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The Island of bahrain has wonderful beaches but unfortunately some are often strewn with general waste, plastic and paper. This is the time to ‘do our bit’ and make a difference.

On Friday 19th May 2023, Cebarco Bahrain, part of the KAR group, organized a beach clean-up and social event at Karbabad beach, on the north coast of Bahrain, coordinated with Bahrain Capital Municipal Council Services, who provided all the cleaning equipment.

Cebarco company staff, including CEO Mr. Peter Sellers and senior management members, volunteered, as part of Cebarco’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, to assist local community and visitors in keeping the beaches clean and safe for them to enjoy. Such clean-up events also help to protect the oceans by reducing the amount of plastics and other waste items from entering and causing pollution and danger to marine wildlife. Some of the volunteers were assigned to separate the plastic waste to allow recycling.

Even although garbage bins are positioned along the beach, it sad to say that beach littering continues and it is hoped that clean-up events such as this also help in raising awareness of the problem and to encourage changing behaviour.

Cebarco’s staff and families are congratulated on their efforts in thoroughly cleaning the beach and thereafter enjoying a social gathering of wonderful event to make clean Bahrain This event was a great success with around a hundred voluntary staff and family members present.

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