Establishment of New System Control Centre Building Works Package

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Client: Electricity & Water Authority

Consulting engineer: Electricite De France (EDF)

Period: 30 months

Completion: Mar 2024

Price: $22,800,000

Project manager: Electricite De France (EDF)

Cebarco is responsible for the design, construction and operation of electricity and water networks in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The electricity and water networks are presently controlled and monitored by the existing System Control Centre (SCC) located adjacent to Umm Al Hassam 220 kV & 400 kV substations. EWA has divided the electricity and water networks supervision from existing SCC in three distinctive control centre areas:

  • Load Despatch Centre (LDC): responsible for the electricity generation and transmission networks.

  • Distribution Control Centre (DCC): responsible for the electricity distribution network

  • Water Control Centre (WCC): responsible for the water transmission network

EWA has identified the need to implement a New SCC and establish a modern hierarchy of control centers to monitor and control the electricity and water networks, as follows:

  • Establishing New System Control Centre; incorporating Load Dispatch Centre (LDC), Distribution Control Centre (DCC), Water Control Centre (WCC) and Water Distribution Control Centre (WDCC) facilities.

  • Converting existing SCC to serve as Emergency Control Centre (ECC).

The New System Control Centre and Emergency Control Centre shall be equipped with latest technologies for hardware equipment, system software, SCADA system and power/water application software’s.

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